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The WeHealth platform helps public health departments, universities and senior living communities reduce the threat and burden of infectious diseases. WeHealth notifies individuals of their risk of getting infected, empowering them to receive early testing and effective treatment, while also helping protect other members of the community. WeHealth focuses deeply on science, privacy and human-centered design to build high trust and maximize impact.


Our Passionate Team

sameer halai - 140linkedin-sameer-halai

Sameer Halai

Chief Executive Officer

$200M + fundraised across
3 startups (2 VC backed). Built products used by 1bn + users.

Microsoft, Limeade, Jirav,



Liane Jollon

Head of Public Health

$3.5M funding raised. AMA Award for Outstanding Government Service. Executive Director San Juan Basin Public Health.

Columbia University


pavlo apisov - 140linkedin-pavlo-apisov

Pavlo Apisov

Lead Android Developer


piyush sharma - 140linkedin-piyush-sharma

Rajat Sharma



niti headshotlinkedin-niti-patel

Niti Patel

UX Designer



LeCario Benashley

Tribal Public Health Engagement


stephanie tackach - 140linkedin-stephanie-tackach

Stephanie Tackach

PR & Communications


james petrie - 140linkedin-james-petrie

James Petrie

Head of Research

Key contributor to Bluetooth proximity detection white paper. Bluetooth Beacon Patent pending.

University of Waterloo


joanna masel - 140linkedin-joanna-masel

Joanna Masel

Head of Science

70+ publications in fields of infectious disease, biochemistry, aging, economics, and education. Author of “Bypass Wall Street: A Biologist’s Guide to the Rat Race”.

University of Arizona


travis marsh - 140linkedin-travis-marsh

Travis Marsh



rebecca young - 140linkedin-rebecca-young

Rebecca Young



jeff schwaber - 140linkedin-jeff-schwaber

Jeff Schwaber



larry singerlinkedin-larry-singer

Larry Singer



tina white - 140linkedin-tina-white

Tina White



sarah noyeslinkedin-sarah-noyes

Sarah Noyes

External Recruiter


Join our team

The team at WeHealth has come together from a multitude of backgrounds and experiences with a shared belief that we can make a positive impact on public health issues. If you are driven by desire to work for change, we invite you to apply.



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