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Tina White serves as an Advisor to WeHealth.

She is the Executive Director and a founder of the open source nonprofit, Covid Watch, the first team to develop decentralized Bluetooth exposure alert technology for Covid-19. The Covid Watch team was the first team to open source and publish a whitepaper on a decentralized Bluetooth exposure alert protocol - the Temporary Contact Number (TCN) protocol - which inspired teams across the world like DP^3T, PACT, and the Google/Apple protocols. Covid Watch volunteers and nonprofit staff also built a fully open source app for sending anonymous exposure alerts.

Tina is also a Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellow (DOE CSGF). After receiving her M.S. in aerospace engineering from the University of Arizona, she invented and patented a method for eliminating transonic flutter in turbomachinery while working at Honeywell Aerospace. While at Stanford, she developed two novel machine learning methods for faster and more accurate reduced order models, and designed several neural network architectures for approximating the solutions to partial differential equations. Her research goal is to understand how to automatically draw boundaries in undifferentiated spatial and temporal data in a way that is useful for prediction.

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