Full Stack Engineer - Full Time, Remote

WeHealth is a Public Benefit Corporation founded at the intersection of public health, technology and design. We take a human-first approach to ensure that our technology is safe, private, and anonymous. We build and foster decentralized technology to prevent and control the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19 securely and anonymously, i.e. without sharing any personal information, to protect individual privacy.

We are looking for a Full Stack Engineer to help us deliver new features for our web and mobile application products and backend services, while continually improving product quality, operational efficiency and engineering excellence. We’re open to discussing various employment and compensation structures.

About the Role

  • Build high quality software quickly, while ensuring engineering excellence is design, development, and release. 
  • Help drive engineering excellence to make projects scalable, maintainable, and efficient
  • Support engineering operations
  • Work across teams to identify and solve problems
  • Train and mentor other engineers where needed

Skills for an ideal candidate

  • 5+ years of software engineering experience in web technologies for developing client and server applications.
  • Strong understanding of data structures and algorithms
  • Experience deploying applications on cloud services such as AWS, GCP, or Azure
  • Experience designing and developing APIs, as well as working with third-party APIs and integrations
  • Production experience designing and shipping highly reliable backend systems and API, high-scale mobile or web applications
  • Strong debugging and problem solving skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, particularly when describing system architecture and capabilities
  • Excellent listening skills to build the right software - listen carefully to product management and customers and synthesize
  • Excellent attention to detail and strong collaboration skills
  • Experience with GCP, Terraform, Go, web services in Go and Containers
  • Strong proficiency with Web App / Cloud security best practices
  • Knowledge of object-oriented programming, distributed computing, and experience in several programming and scripting languages
  • Proficient in Github/Jira, React, node.js, TypeScript, SQL, and one or more database technologies such as Postgres, Firebase, Firestore, and BigQuery
  • Experience with Dart, Kotlin, Swift, swagger a plus
  • Knowledge of Apple / Google Exposure Notification API is a plus

Attitudes and attributes of an ideal candidate

  • Protecting privacy is a principle that drives you
  • Innovation and making a positive impact motivates you.
  • You are results and quality oriented and systems thinker
  • You enjoy working on a team, growing as a team, and leaving things better than you found them, and willing to work with team members in different time zones and with different skills
  • You enjoy working on both the 0 to 1 stage and the 1 to 10 stage of problems
  • Have grounded opinions on techniques that maintain and improve team productivity, code quality and cultureBe available during early and later hours of the day 
  • Able and willing to adapt to new technologies and languages 
  • Aptitude to independently learn new technologies.
  • A strong sense of ownership, accountability, and drive. 
  • You’re passionate about engineering and operational excellence and a champion of monitoring and observability

Ideal outcome within 2 weeks 

  • Know good chunks of the codebase and have recommendations for improvements
  • Have written code to deliver a feature request or fix a bug, several times
  • Have contributed meaningfully to merge request feedback of current engineers

Ideal outcome within 2 weeks 

  • Know the entire codebase and can answer questions about technical details
  • Writing/have written code that touches on significant architecture of the codebase


WeHealth is a completely distributed team. There do seem to be a number of us in California, but that’s not required. Since we’re incorporated in the U.S., U.S. laws will apply in what we do. 


The cash compensation is at the level of early-stage startups (in the range of $50-80k a year), enough to cover expenses and to make work sustainable. We also offer very generous equity and very good health care and other benefits.


This position is needed immediately as it's one of the most critical roles that we need to fill in order to help service governments and organizations that need these services. 

About the Product


You can see more about the app here


The main user facing systems are smartphone apps on Android & iOS. They hold special white-listed API access that is granted to only one app per state or country. The team owns these entitlements for several jurisdictions.


This the area that is accessible to the Public Health Departments. This includes a dashboard to understand how the apps are being utilized population-wide. And it also includes a way to configure and maintain the risk and messaging customizations for the live apps in real-time. This is the control center that puts Public Health Departments in a direct feedback loop with people, in a decentralized, anonymous way.


There are a couple of server systems that enable the whole platform. Both the Key Server system and the Verification Server systems are based on standard, open-source reference server implementations by Google.

To Apply

We respect your time, so we’ve kept it simple to just a resume and a cover letter. For the cover letter, bullet points are fine. It’s just useful to have context when reviewing applications.

It is the policy of WeHealth to provide all persons with equal employment and educational opportunities regardless of race, color, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, religion, age, gender, marital status, domestic partner status, sexual orientation, disability or AIDS/HIV status, medical conditions, gender identity, or status as a Vietnam-Era veteran. These categories specifically include status as a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning person.

The physical demands described here are representative of those that must be met by an employee to successfully perform the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions upon request.



We pride ourselves in being a mission-driven, purpose-led organization and a group of dedicated individuals who care about social good and public health impact. We care about each other and about the world, and it shows in how we interact with each other and our customers and in all the decisions we make. While our organization arose out of the pandemic and is focused on addressing the COVID-19 crisis-, our goal is to create a culture of stability, assurance, trust, resilience, and a sense of calm within our organization and everyone we work with. We believe in work-life balance, taking weekends off, avoiding burnout and making sure everyone finds meaning and sustainability in what we do. Our mission is to address global health challenges through technology and human-centered design, to prevent disease and promote health, and it all starts with taking care of ourselves 😀.

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