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The WeHealth Bermuda App Is Now Live

In an effort to boost the country’s economy and comfortably welcome tourists back to the island, the Ministry of Health in Bermuda released the WeHealth Bermuda app to serve as an additional strategy to help fight the spread of COVID-19. With a population of more than 60,000 residents, Bermuda typically sees hundreds of thousands of tourists each year and the WeHealth Bermuda app will expand the government’s ability to trace potential exposures and expedite efforts to slow the spread. 

While available in the app stores, the government and its tracing team will be running two additional pilot tests over the coming weeks before fully rolling out the app and beginning to operate with fully-functional push notifications if exposed. Residents and tourists alike are encouraged to download the app now:


Speaking during a news conference on November 24th,  Bermuda’s Premier David Burt said, “When paired with manual contact tracing—and combined with other preventative measures, such as face coverings and social distancing—WeHealth Bermuda gives us all even greater protection from the coronavirus.”

“The Government has partnered with WeHealth, an international public benefit corporation that created WeHealth Bermuda, to specifically customize the app for Bermuda,” he added. “While we are in the final stages of testing the app, we welcome all and any visitors to download the app.” 

WeHealth’s expansion to Bermuda follows its launch at the University of Arizona and Northern Arizona University in August where WeHealth’s Covid Watch app has been downloaded by nearly 50,000 users. 

While the app has been customized for Bermuda’s needs, the solution remains anonymous, using Bluetooth signals to measure duration and distance of potential exposure. If a user receives an exposure notification, guidance and recommendations from the Ministry of Health will be provided, along with the date and time the user was potentially exposed. 

“Keeping people safe from COVID-19 is at the heart of what WeHealth does, and we are proud to partner with Bermuda to deliver an industry-leading exposure notification app for their citizens and for anyone visiting Bermuda,” said Sameer Halai, CEO of WeHealth. 

For more information on WeHealth’s solution for Bermuda, you can visit Bermuda’s Covid-19 Response site.