Professional Services

In addition to developing the technology behind the WeHealth Platform, we offer professional services for implementation, training, launch and ongoing support. Benefits of working with our team include:



Launch in as little as one week. 



Get  24/7 support.



Leverage our best practices and community.


As part of the implementation process, WeHealth offers full onboarding, customization support, provisioning of users, training on verification and how to administer the program, as well as launch support.


Our Partners work with a dedicated account manager to ensure a successful launch. We’ll provide a detailed project plan including a timeline, testing plan, training plan, and launch plan customized to each organization.


WeHealth facilitates bulk provisioning of users for access to the app and the portal via a spreadsheet of email addresses and roles. When the app launches, it will be available for download from the store directly.


WeHealth can integrate with labs to automate test results as well as case management systems and CRM tools to automate data flows that can help reduce the burden on manual contact tracing and speed up the time it takes to notify users of potential exposure.


WeHealth will facilitate messaging and branding customization for the custom app and portal.  You can define a set of recommendations depending on the risk levels and also provide website links, phone numbers and other information to drive adoption of the resources available.

Distance Calibration: We conducted extensive research to confidently advise on what values to choose for various exposure level goals. 

Risk Calibration: We tested real-life simulations of the risk model, where we measured the accuracy of the models by using correlations between app-reported notifications and a separate QR code app to manually log social interactions.

Ongoing Training & Support


WeHealth provides training to public health authorities and program administrators on how to update risk scoring parameters, customize your messaging, and reporting. We also provide training for public health professionals and clinicians how to use the portal to generate verification codes to confirm positive test results. We offer publicly accessible documentation for all app users including FAQs in our Knowledge Center.


WeHealth offers partner support Monday-Friday from 9-5 PST. We offer ongoing support for all app-related questions around the clock, 7 days a week by providing a response within 24 hours for high priority issues and 72 hours for normal to low priority issues. Partners have access to participate in the WeHealth Forum, a product advisory board.