Smartphone App

WeHealth builds smartphone apps based on the Covid Watch open source code. These are Google Apple Exposure Notification (GAEN) compatible apps for both Android and iOS devices that are customized by region and community, and downloaded by consumers.





Through Bluetooth signals and randomly generated temporary keys, the app protects users’ privacy by remaining fully anonymous.



PHAs can calibrate the risk threshold and provide customized public health guidelines



Users can select from multiple communities within a region using the same app as they travel to always receive locally-relevant guidance.

WeHealth Exposure Notification Apps
are live in these jurisdictions.

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WeHealth Bermuda


Covid Watch Arizona

Privacy-First Approach

Our app doesn’t require any personally identifiable information (PII) in order to provide exposure notifications. Users can trust that their data remains anonymous, encouraging broad adoption.

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A Personal Recommendation Engine 

Our app processes inputs such as individual exposures and demographics of the user and connects that to the latest scientific research to provide personalized recommendations. For example, the app might recommend a person quarantine for a specific number of days, get tested or get a vaccine booster.