EN Express Solution

Recently, Google and Apple jointly introduced an offering called Exposure Notification Express (ENX), that enables U.S. states to deploy a lightweight capability for iPhone and Android users to anonymously receive Covid-19 exposure notices. On iOS it is enabled in the operating system itself. On Android, it is delivered through an app that WeHealth offers with custom branding.


Configuration Advice

WeHealth advises states on how to configure ENX based on our experience deploying EN solutions. 


Launch Support

WeHealth offers customer service 24/7 to support ENX users in your state. 

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Custom Branding

Elevate the app experience on Android with custom branding for your state. 

Dashboard for EN Express

WeHealth offers a dashboard where public health administrators can manage and customize the app experience for their state’s population. The risk thresholds, messaging, and quarantine recommendations can be changed in real-time, and they can be further customized by county, region, community, university campus, etc.

EN Express Implementation Services

WeHealth can fully support any state’s ENX implementation by offering:

  • Customer service for all residents of the state from 9am-5pm or 24x7 support via web
  • Risk scoring advice from our experts in exposure science and epidemiology
  • Analytics dashboards to help understand engagement and make improvements
  • Integration with CRM, labs, and point-of-care testing
  • Marketing support to launch and drive adoption (in-house + our preferred partners)
  • Messaging support to help improve compliance with public health guidelines

EN Express Works Alongside a Custom App

Many states are considering whether to deploy a EN Express or a custom app. Linux Foundation Public Health has outlined some of the considerations in this article: COVID-19 Exposure Notification Express vs. Custom App: Which to Choose? 

WeHealth believes it’s not an either/or choice for PHAs and we suggest states consider both both, since jurisdictions can opt-in to EN Express and deploy a custom GAEN app. To request a consultation with us, please complete the form below.