Platform for Public Health

Our end-to-end technology solution includes three components: a user-facing mobile app, a web-based administrative portal, and server-based verification and key management. Implementation support is provided by our services team.

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Robust and Reliable



WeHealth builds apps from the Covid Watch open source codebase, built on the Google-Apple Exposure Notification (GAEN) protocol, with production API access for multiple jurisdictions in and outside of the U.S.



Provides a complete feedback loop from public health authorities to individuals, offering details about the risk of exposure so that the user can make an informed decision about precautions and next steps.



Our platform has gone through rigorous testing, from signal strength calibration to fine-tuning of an original dynamic risk scoring model.


Smartphone App

Our mobile app is based on Covid Watch and uses the Google Apple Exposure Notification (GAEN) APIs to harness anonymous, temporary, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals to infer physical distance between two mobile devices.
Our app was one of the first exposure notification apps built using the GAEN APIs to be piloted in the United States and we continue to collaborate with Apple and Google to ensure our app meets their joint requirements including interoperability between Android and iOS devices. GAEN is quickly becoming the “gold standard” in many countries for the development of privacy-preserving, de-centralized COVID-19 apps which we are committed to maintaining.

The mobile app interface can be customized with branding specific to your region, community, and the public health authority responsible for combating COVID-19. The code is open source.

wehealth covid watch app screenshots
wehealth covid watch app screenshots dashboard

Admin Portal

The web-based Portal enables public health officials to perform administrative functions concerning:

  • Keeping track of contact tracing personnel who generate security codes
  • Secure retrieval of diagnostic verification codes for users who tested positive
  • Branding or customization to suit regional and community needs
  • Customization of mobile in-app messaging, language or other localization
  • Calibration of signal strength and other factors contributing to risk scoring

The Portal is integrated regionally so that app users receive relevant local health advisories.


Verification and Key Servers

The server-side functions of the WeHealth Platform are split over two distinct server components: the Verification Server and the Key Server. These are independent, open-source projects currently developed and maintained by Google as part of their larger contribution to the GAEN ecosystem.

WeHealth hosts its own instances of the Verification Server and Key Server as part of our overall product offering, integrated with the App and the Portal. Our platform is fully compatible with Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL) national key servers and verification servers.

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