Clinical and epidemiological benefits of early treatment and prophylaxis for COVID-19

Monday, October 18th, 2021
9 AM PDT / 12 EDT / 6 PM CEST

SPT - 2021 October Video


The incentive structure for being contact traced recently changed dramatically.

Contact tracing traditionally uses quarantine to stop the spread of infectious disease, but at substantial financial, logistical, educational, and social costs. Today, fully vaccinated contacts are no longer required to quarantine in the U.S. and many other countries, but are asked merely to get tested and monitor symptoms. Being traced thus makes early diagnosis of COVID-19 more likely, and with it, earlier treatment that might be more effective. Indeed, post-exposure prophylactic treatment can prevent an initial infection event from progressing to COVID-19 symptoms, preventing both individual disease and community spread. This panel will feature two speakers, one describing the clinical data on post-exposure prophylaxis with monoclonal antibodies against COVID-19, the other its epidemiological consequences.


COVID-19 Prevention and Early Treatment with Subcutaneous Administration of the Monoclonal Antibodies Casirivimab + Imdevimab

Meagan O’Brien, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, will discuss the clinical data on post-exposure prophylaxis with monoclonal antibodies against COVID-19.... Read more


Co-hosted with The Big Data Institute at
The University of Oxford

Meet the Speakers



Joanna Masel, PhD

Professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona; Head of Science, WeHealth

Joanna Masel is a mathematical modeler and data scientist. Her research before the pandemic was primarily in evolutionary biology, but she has also ... Read more



Meagan O’Brien

Senior Director of Early Clinical Development and Clinical Experimental Sciences, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

Meagan O'Brien is a Senior Director of Early Clinical Development and Clinical Experimental Sciences at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. Dr. O'Brien ... Read more



Jennifer Ross

Infectious Disease Physician-Researcher, University of Washington

Jennifer Ross, MD, MPH is Acting Assistant Professor in the Departments of Global Health and Medicine (Infectious Diseases) at the University of Washington and a staff physician at the Seattle... Read more


Coordinating Committee Co-Chairs

Joanna Masel, PhD

Professor of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at The University of Arizona

Luca Ferretti, PhD

Senior Researcher in Statistical Genetics and Pathogen DynamicsBig Data Institute, The University of Oxford

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