COVID-19 is fast.
Science is getting faster.

Studies prove that Exposure Notification apps help slow the spread of COVID-19, but speed and scale matters.

That's why WeHealth, Labcorp, and Doximity joined forces to become the first national labs and public health app to generate a solution for the entire nation. Join us in outpacing the pandemic with our easy to use end-to-end solution.

It's LIVE NOW in the State of Arizona and ready to turn on in all states.
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A partnership for America's Recovery from COVID-19

The data is in: Exposure Notification apps save lives

Our app helps to save lives and reduce COVID-19 case counts. WeHealth's pilot at the University of Arizona helped reduce the spread of COVID-19 by an estimated 11%. In the UK, Oxford University scientists estimate that their app was downloaded 21.63M times and responsible for 600k cases averted in five months.

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A race against COVID-19

Getting back to normal depends on our ability to identify and isolate new cases and dangerous new variants with speed and precision. WeHealth and Labcorp provide the public and public health officials with the tools and data they need in order to end the pandemic with confidence.

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Ready to deploy

Together, we're ready to deliver this feature to every state in the nation that wants it, tomorrow. The best part? Our teams at WeHealth, Labcorp, and Doximity do the work for you. Augment contact tracing efforts by accelerating the delivery of verified exposure notifications to the public for a rapid response.

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Built for the future

COVID-19 taught us many things about communicable diseases. Among the most critical lessons is the importance of a robust testing infrastructure and rapid isolation recommendations. WeHealth, Labcorp, and Doximity designed a solution that's ready for influenza and much more.

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Generate a test verification code instantly.

Effectiveness of Exposure Notifications are directly impacted by two things: how many people use them and the speed at which they are notified.

The problem? Waiting on a verification code takes time, and when it comes to COVID-19, every second counts. With WeHealth, Labcorp, and Doximity you can take your health into your own hands and instantly generate test verification codes. No middleman.

How it works in Arizona

    1. Download the Covid Watch Arizona app
    2. Get tested for COVID-19
    3. Get your test result* and verification code
    4. Enter the test verification code in the app
It's LIVE NOW in Arizona and ready to turn on in your state. Ask us how.
*Requires a Labcorp or Doximity account to access test results.




1. Download the Covid Watch Arizona app

The app is completely customized for the State of Arizona and its communities, and is now available to download on iOS and Android smartphones.

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2. Get tested for COVID-19

If you have COVID-19 symptoms, get tested at a test site near you and review the app for info on what to do next. If you were recently tested, skip to Step 3.

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3. Get your test result and verification code

If you test positive for COVID-19, ask your doctor to send you a verification code via the Doximity app -or- login to the Labcorp Patient™ portal to get your test result and code, on your own, in just a few clicks.

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4. Enter the test verification code in the app

Open the mobile app, tap "Tests" and manually enter the code -or- if you got the code through a text message, click the link to share it in the app. That's it!

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Let’s partner to keep our families safe, and schools and businesses open




Live in the State of Arizona

This feature is now available to those in the State of Arizona. Help lower COVID-19 case counts by using our public health solutions with the Covid Watch Arizona app today.



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