Covid Watch for Public Health

Our privacy-preserving exposure notification system can help amplify public health efforts to fight the pandemic and save lives.


Augment Staff

Contact tracing efforts are vital, but resources in many areas are limited. Improve your manual contact tracing capacity with the same staff, or save money with smaller teams for the same workload.

Protect Privacy

Our system was built for privacy by design. Our fully anonymous app is built according to the specifications for Google Apple Exposure Notification (GAEN) APIs.

Scale Rapidly

Our 4-week rollout plan gets you up and running as quickly as possible. We facilitate collaboration between our pilot partners to share best practices to move forward with speed and confidence.

How Can Covid Watch Help Public Health?

Exposure notification is a privacy-preserving digital solution designed to help public health departments amplify and augment their contact tracing efforts. This digital health tool allows for decentralized, anonymous bluetooth proximity detection between individuals.

This smartphone-based system provides timely, actionable health information when an individual has significant close contact with a positive case of COVID-19 without collecting data about their identity or location. Exposure notifications can empower individuals to take appropriate precautions based on their risk of exposure to this infectious disease, allowing them to follow local public health recommendations and access resources more efficiently to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Scale Contact Tracing with Our Exposure Notification App

Contact tracing is a proven and effective intervention that helps slow the spread of infection. Here's how Covid Watch can amplify and augment contact tracing efforts.

Manual Contact Tracing

When a person receives a positive diagnosis, a contact tracer will work with them to notify others they may have exposed in recent interactions. 


Exposure Notification

Covid Watch helps notify all of the people an infected person was in close proximity with, even if they don't know that person. It happens anonymously. 


Why Covid Watch?

These are the features that set the Covid Watch Platform apart from other solutions. 
Fully Vetted, Ready for Launch in Any Jurisdiction

Covid Watch has been fully vetted by the Arizona State Department of Public Health and the University of Arizona. It is the official app for the state of Arizona, and the first Google Apple Exposure Notification (GAEN) app to pilot in the United States. It has undergone rigorous testing, and everything from signal strength calibration to the dynamic risk scoring model, has been fine-tuned and studied through original research.

Sophisticated Risk Model

We have developed a highly sophisticated risk model that is based on how infection spreads in a community - depending on when people get infected, the viral load, whether they are symptomatic or asymptomatic, their probability of infection, and their risk to others. We use the raw data provided to us by the Google Apple Exposure Notification (GAEN) APIs. But we add our own unique, tested and validated approach to modeling risk on top of it. We are in constant contact with Google / Apple and stay ahead of the curve on what the APIs provide and what is needed for the models to be useful.

Dynamic Switch between Harm Reduction & Containment

Depending on the number of cases in a particular region and whether there is an outbreak, different types of public health interventions and quarantine recommendations are appropriate. The risk thresholds in Covid Watch can be adjusted on the fly, allowing public health authorities to customize settings for who gets alerted based on their risk level and what recommendations they receive.

Regional Calibration & Customization

Every region has unique needs. Every county in a state has different case loads, different capacities for testing, and different utilization of resources. Covid Watch is built from the bottom up to accommodate these often competing needs. Even within a single jurisdiction, the app experience, risk thresholds and messaging can be completely customized by state, county, city, university campus, etc.

Unified Experience, Global Interoperability

Covid Watch allows users to select and change their region. The same app, with the same data can be interpreted through the lens of the region they are currently in. Allowing local public health departments to completely customize how the local community interacts with them, at the same time allowing a simple, unified experience for the end user regardless of where they are. For tourism and for general mobility of the population as they move across regions, this makes it very easy to focus attention on what is truly important and unique about each region.

Expanding Reach through Technological Innovation and Hardware Innovation

As the original pioneers of the anonymous protocols that led to the development of exposure notification technology, we have a strong commitment to innovation and making this digital health tool available to those who need it most. We continue to invest in adjacent areas like hardware integration, privacy-preserving systems for the identification of hotspots and wearables to expand the reach of exposure notifications beyond smartphones.

Case Study

University of Arizona

Arizona makes privacy a priority by being the first state to sign off on a pilot testing program between the University of Arizona and Covid Watch, the first app in the U.S. built on the Google Apple Exposure Notification (GAEN) API.



Contact the Covid Watch Partnerships Team

If you are a representative from a state or federal level public health authority, please contact us to schedule a meeting.