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* Visitors and residents of Bermuda should use Wehealth Bermuda


Get notified anonymously if you’ve been near someone who reported having COVID-19. Keep up with COVID-19 levels in your community and get alerted of changes. Find relevant, local resources and access reliable information from trusted sources.

The app is part of a nationwide system that meets the rigorous privacy & security requirements of the Google Apple Exposure Notifications. When enabled, your phone securely collects and shares random IDs with nearby devices using bluetooth. The app uses these to notify you if you may have been exposed to COVID-19. The app is fully anonymous, doesn’t require any login and is unable to access any personal information or your location.

This app works all over the United States. Developed by WeHealth, a Public Benefit Corporation, in collaboration with the University of Arizona and the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS).


"It's really simple and easy to navigate, but also has a lot of information at your fingertips. It's all about being safe with this app.”



“It took less than a minute to share my positive diagnosis. I like that it was anonymous and it gave me a verification code, so that's awesome. I think people trust that part.”



“It's very secure because everything is sent out as anonymous. Everything is stored on the phone and not tracked at the same time.”


The WeHealth app has the potential to greatly impact our Arizona communities. As we all resume our normal day to day lives, it is critical that we remain aware of our exposure status to protect those around us that are unable to be vaccinated or who have conditions that keep them from mounting a significant antibody response.

Kacey C. Ernst, MPH PhD
Professor and Program Director of Epidemiology, University of Arizona

When paired with manual contact tracing — and combined with other preventative measures, such as face coverings and social distancing — WeHealth Bermuda gives us all even greater protection from the coronavirus.
david burt - premier of bermuda

Hon. E. David Burt, JP, MP
The Premier of the Government of Bermuda

Our students were comfortable and motivated to help stop the spread with the WeHealth app. The app is easy, reassuring and informative. Partnering with WeHealth has been easy, educational and productive.
bruce helming

Bruce Helming, MD
Student Health Center, University of Arizona

By cutting off transmission, you're cutting off a whole social network chain and all those cases down the road. The thought is that some of those cases could end up in the hospital, and some could die. You're not just keeping the next few people (you might have infected) safe, but way more.

Kristen Pogreba-Brown, MPH PhD
Assistant Professor, Epidemiology & Biostatistics, University of Arizona

R(t) is often surprisingly close to 1. If we get it to switch from a bit above 1 to a bit below 1, that switches us from exponential growth to exponential decline, which is night and day.

Joanna Masel, D.Phil.
Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Arizona

It Works

A selection of research highlighting the effectiveness of exposure notification technology and the Wehealth platform.

How a Smartphone App and Contact Tracing helped keep UArizona open and Curb Covid-19 spread.

In June of 2020, the University of Arizona first announced that it would begin a pilot of the WeHealth Arizona app (formerly known as Covid Watch Arizona) as part of a comprehensive strategy to help students successfully, and safely, return back to campus in the fall. The results demonstrated an estimated 11% reduction in R(t)(rate of transmission) and a 47% rate of adoption among those infected. Why does this matter? That 11% compounds exponentially with each wave of cases. More importantly, it demonstrates that the true power of this technology lies with its users. That's you. 

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App Works - WA Notify Cases Averted
Early Epidemiological Evidence of Public Health Value of WA Notify, a Smartphone-based Exposure Notification Tool: Modeling COVID-19 Cases Averted in Washington State

Abstract: Secure and anonymous smartphone-based exposure notification tools are recently developed public health interventions that aim to reduce COVID-19 transmission and supplement traditional public health suriveillance. We assessed the impact of Washington State’s exposure notification tool, WA Notify, in mitigating the spread of COVID-19 during its first four months of implementation.

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App Works - MIT Lincoln Lab
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory: Automated Contact Tracing Assessment

MIT LL conducted a second data collection, in partnership with the University of Arizona’s Campus
Health Service, in February-March 2021. The University had deployed an Android- and iOS-based EN app
to the campus population, and had conducted preliminary benchtop testing for app functionality. They
wished to obtain an independent assessment of the app’s performance in more realistic situations, using the
same configuration of attenuation weights and thresholds, and two levels of risk scores, already in use on
campus. CDC funded MIT LL to conduct the data collection and analysis with the objective of enriching 
33 the BLE exposure dataset, using various models of phones on both operating systems.

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App Works - WH Bermuda Delta
WeHealth's Impact during Delta Wave in Bermuda

WeHealth estimated that Bermudians using the app may have helped avert up to 20% of the total case load during the Delta wave. Based on our projections this 20% reduction helped preserve roughly a week of normal economic activity.

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Wehealth Notify

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* Visitors and residents of Bermuda should use Wehealth Bermuda

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