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Public Health Departments


There are over 3000+ counties within the United States* with their own local public health departments that track and address the needs of their local communities. Wehealth enables public health officials to engage with the public anonymously, in a privacy preserving way and drive public health outcomes that matter. Digital contact tracing with dynamic risk modelling helps triage the population based on risk factors and help reach the right people at the right time with the right information.

*Note: Wehealth also supports public health departments outside the United States.

Covid-19 Contact Tracing, Reporting & Tracking

The app is available for the public for free. As part of the a nationwide system of Covid-19 alerting, it helps users anonymously notify each other of exposure while providing a new source of Covid-19 surveillance that is not possible any other way.

It also allows people to connect with their local public health department and get access to local information and resources. The app has measurably high engagement and effectiveness.

It is faster, more efficient and a cheaper complement to manual contact tracing.


Comprehensive Dashboard and Reporting


Public Health officials get access to the real-time reporting and a dashboard with key KPIs that surface useful insights. Anonymous, aggregate data helps unlock a deep understanding of population health needs.

The dashboard also pulls in external data from various sources, including the CDC, making it very easy to stay on top of key decisions.

Real-time control of messaging

All messaging in the app can be updated in real-time. Recommendations and resources can be changed on the fly as the situation changes. One simple update in one place updates the information everywhere.

There's also an option to simply mirror CDC default messaging and have it update automatically or override with messaging that is more relevant to your community and situation on the ground.


Targeted, real-time surveys

Wehealth's platform allows for anonymous, aggregate targeting so we can reach the right population segment at the right time. Surveys can be targeted based on different risk factors, to hear from end users directly on their compliance, behavior, motivations and concerns.

Surveys can be launched and updated on-the-fly, in real time as and when needed.

News_2023-02 - Post Exposure Survey

Proven to Work

How a Smartphone App and Contact Tracing helped keep UArizona open and Curb Covid-19 spread.

In June of 2020, the University of Arizona first announced that it would begin a pilot of the WeHealth Arizona app (formerly known as Covid Watch Arizona) as part of a comprehensive strategy to help students successfully, and safely, return back to campus in the fall. The results demonstrated an estimated 11% reduction in R(t)(rate of transmission) and a 47% rate of adoption among those infected. Why does this matter? That 11% compounds exponentially with each wave of cases. More importantly, it demonstrates that the true power of this technology lies with its users. That's you. 

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App Works - WH Bermuda Delta
WeHealth's Impact during Delta Wave in Bermuda

WeHealth estimated that Bermudians using the app may have helped avert up to 20% of the total case load during the Delta wave. Based on our projections this 20% reduction helped preserve roughly a week of normal economic activity.

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App Works - MIT Lincoln Lab
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory: Automated Contact Tracing Assessment

MIT LL conducted a second data collection, in partnership with the University of Arizona’s Campus
Health Service, in February-March 2021. The University had deployed an Android- and iOS-based EN app
to the campus population, and had conducted preliminary benchtop testing for app functionality. They
wished to obtain an independent assessment of the app’s performance in more realistic situations, using the
same configuration of attenuation weights and thresholds, and two levels of risk scores, already in use on
campus. CDC funded MIT LL to conduct the data collection and analysis with the objective of enriching 
33 the BLE exposure dataset, using various models of phones on both operating systems.

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Integration with at-home testing


Wehealth integrates directly with at-home testing, removing all friction from getting a positive result and reporting it anonymously. A QR code can be stuck directly on the test or made available in supporting materials and the user just has to scan the QR code to report a positive result anonymously.

Cheaper, scalable and faster

This solution is faster, more efficient and a cheaper complement to manual contact tracing. Depending on the population size and adoption levels a close contact can be reached for anywhere between $0.50 to $5. The solution scales automatically with outbreaks, requiring no additional resources.

Covid-19 and other diseases like Influenza

Wehealth platform is flexible and robust and disease agnostic. It can be used for other diseases beyond Covid-19 and we are actively working in evolving the technology to expand to other diseases and their own unique characteristics and challenges.


Support Help Desk and Knowledge Base

Wehealth provides robust support and a detailed knowledge-base that is frequently updated with the latest information and best practices. Customers can connect directly with a dedicated customer success manager to take care of any issues, concerns or requests.


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