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All-Hazard Preparedness Platform

Wehealth is a trusted platform built for public health that helps communities respond to emergencies with agility and scale. It surfaces intelligence in real-time, leading to smarter decisions, calibrated responses and measurable outcomes. A strong user-centered approach safe-guards user privacy while delivering a personalized and inclusive experience for everyone.




The public app is available for free for anyone to use. It is part of the nationwide system of Google Apple Exposure Notification alerts that helps people keep each other safe. It’s fully anonymous and does not collect any identifiable information like location or unique identifiers.

The app anonymously personalizes recommendations, helping reach the right people with the right information at the right time. The risk model and all information in the app can be updated in real-time and customized differently for each community. It also helps people keep up with community levels and find local resources from trusted sources. 



The portal is built for public health experts to stay on top of key insights and drive outcomes in real-time. It brings all key data and workflows together enabling early warning and preparation as well as calibrated responses. Fully optimized for on the go use, experts can keep tabs on analytics, change strategy on the fly and respond as quickly as the situation unfolds.

Wehealth allows using risk stratification to target specific populations with specific recommendations and resources and keep tabs on engagement anonymously. This means driving treatment resources for at-risk populations, behavior modification suggestions to reduce spread etc.

The portal can support multiple diseases and allows multiple strategies and outcomes simultaneously.


Wehealth's platform is extremely customizable and easy to use, and helps teams work with agility and scale. Here are some examples of how it is being used.

Public Health Departments


There are over 3000+ counties within the United States with their own public health departments that track and address the needs of their local communities. Wehealth enables public health officials to engage with the public at scale, in a privacy preserving way. It helps understand what is happening, optimize outcomes and improve utilization of existing resources.

Wehealth provides a public health dashboard for the executive team that brings all data in one place. This makes it easy to track the status of outbreaks in the community and understand behavior and attitudes. Wehealth allows using risk stratification to target specific resources and recommendations to specific populations at the right time.

Wehealth also automatically includes Google Exposure Notification System, a nationwide system of Covid-19 alerting, helping the community keep each other safe. 



Employers want to ensure safety of their employees and avoid disruptions. Wehealth facilitates anonymous reporting of Covid-19 exposures using the new Google Apple Exposure Notification nationwide system, helping reduce risk of outbreaks and minimize downtime. Wehealth QR codes can be easily bundled with self-test kit, tying reporting and testing together to improve compliance and outcomes. The employer dashboard shows anonymous workforce engagement data making it easy to understand compliance, identify risks early, and take calibrated actions at the right time.

Senior Living

Wehealth helps reduce the risk of outbreaks in high-risk populations. As part of the nationwide system of alerts using Google Apple Exposure Notification system, it even allows people who are not at risk to help keep vulnerable populations safe. Wehealth's real-time, personalized recommendations drives timely treatment, improving health outcomes and minimizing severe illness & hospitalization. Wehealth QR codes can be easily bundled with self-test kit, tying reporting and testing together to improve compliance and outcomes.


Travel & Events

Wehealth is a critical component for traveling safely. Reaching the right people at the right time with the right information helps reduce risk of outbreaks, increases compliance, and limit the burden to the local economies.

Wehealth also helps run events like conferences, performances and sports safely by reducing the risk of outbreaks and notifying attendees of their exposure at scale.

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Wehealth provides robust support for existing app users and portal users including a knowledge base and ticket-based help desk system.


Wehealth is a Public Benefit Corporation formed in 2020 as a response to the pandemic. Our mission is to be the public health platform for the world. Wehealth helps communities respond to emergencies with agility and scale. The people working on Wehealth includes designers, engineers, scientists, medical professionals, research labs and public health officials working together towards a common goal of improving community resilience and have better outcomes.