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Wehealth now also alerts on CDC Respiratory Illness Activity levels

Wehealth's mission is to build digital infrastructure to enhance global preparedness and resilience. Providing enhanced...

Customize Excessive Heat alerts delivered to your county

Wehealth Notify is a free app for the public. Built with CDC funding and in partnership with National Oceanic and...

Launching updated Wehealth Public Dashboard

We are excited to announce the release of the updated Wehealth Public Dashboard that shows a more comprehensive picture...


Wehealth Notify is a free app available to the general public. It monitors verified sources of health & safety information and sends enhanced alerts with personalized action plans. Sources include the National Weather Service, the CDC, and various state, city, county and tribal agencies nationwide.

Wehealth is a Weather Ready Nation Ambassador™, an initiative of the U.S. Department of Commerce and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), to strengthen partnerships toward building community resilience in the face of increasing vulnerability to extreme weather events.

The app is anonymous and doesn’t require any personal information or location data. It is authorized by public health authorities and meets rigorous privacy and security requirements. It works in all 3,000+ counties & territories nationwide. Developed by Wehealth in collaboration with the University of Arizona and the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS).

Public Health & Safety Alerts

NOAA Weather Ready Nation Ambassador™

Customized with Local Resources

Translated by Humans into 50+ Languages

Be Prepared for All Hazards

Anonymous & Private

Nationwide System for all 3,000+ counties


The portal is built for public health experts to stay on top of key insights and drive outcomes in real-time. It brings all key data and workflows together enabling early warning and preparation as well as calibrated responses. Fully optimized for on the go use, experts can keep tabs on analytics, change strategy in real-time and respond as quickly as the situation unfolds.



Wehealth uses AI to scale human expertise. Wehealth's proprietary AI Safety framework built for public messaging ensures high quality content across multiple languages and media formats. Translations are performed by human experts while AI is used to infer the context helping speed up translation workflows. 


Wehealth's Quality Assurance system continuously monitors the platform to detect and prevent issues and downtime. It simulates the full end-user experience for all communities in all languages and enables content change audits and approval workflows.



Wehealth is an API-first platform. All data can be fully accessed via APIs and it supports deep integrations with any third party systems. With Wehealth APIs you can exchange data with the platform, generate alerts to be sent out to your community and keep up with analytics and reporting. You can also access experimental and beta tools to speed up your research and development.


About Public Benefit Corporation

Wehealth is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) with a mission to build digital infrastructure to enhance global preparedness and resilience. Wehealth connects communities with public agencies, scientists, medical professionals, research labs and domain experts through an iterative process of co-development that improves outcomes and ensures that the solutions benefit all. Traditional corporations are organized primarily to maximize shareholder value. In contrast, PBCs must have a purpose beyond profit and are required to consider the interests of all their stakeholders, not just shareholders, known as stakeholder governance.