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Wehealth Notify is a free app available to the general public. It monitors verified sources of health & safety information and sends enhanced alerts with personalized action plans. Sources include the National Weather Service, the CDC, and various state, city, county and tribal agencies nationwide.

Wehealth is a Weather Ready Nation Ambassador™, an initiative of the U.S. Department of Commerce and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), to strengthen partnerships toward building community resilience in the face of increasing vulnerability to extreme weather events.




The portal is built for public health experts to stay on top of key insights and drive outcomes in real-time. It brings all key data and workflows together enabling early warning and preparation as well as calibrated responses. Fully optimized for on the go use, experts can keep tabs on analytics, change strategy in real-time and respond as quickly as the situation unfolds.

Wehealth allows using risk stratification to anonymously target specific populations with specific recommendations and resources and keep tabs on engagement. This means driving treatment resources for at-risk populations, behavior modification suggestions to reduce spread, preparedness information in anticipation for adverse events, and response actions during and after crises.

The portal supports all health and safety hazards and allows to run multiple strategies and outcomes simultaneously.


Wehealth uses AI to scale human expertise. Wehealth's proprietary AI Safety framework built for public messaging ensures high quality content across multiple languages and media formats. Translations are performed by human experts while AI is used to infer the context helping speed up translation workflows. 


Wehealth's Quality Assurance system continuously monitors the platform to detect and prevent issues and downtime. It simulates the full end-user experience for all communities in all languages and enables content change audits and approval workflows.



Wehealth is an API-first platform. All data can be fully accessed via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and it supports deep integrations with any third party systems. With Wehealth APIs you can exchange data with the platform, generate alerts to be sent out to your community and keep up with analytics and reporting. You can also access experimental and beta tools to speed up your research and development.


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