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Tested positive for Covid-19?

On your phone tap the button below to anonymously alert anyone you may have exposed. Or scan this QR code with your phone camera.


What residents say about the WeHealth Bermuda App.

Making an impact with Omicron: Dec. 1, 2021 - Jan. 14, 2022

See how residents and visitors who use the WeHealth Bermuda App are helping slow the spread of COVID-19 in Bermuda.

Avg. Bermudians actively using the app1

1 in 4

Total positive cases2


Total people who shared a diagnosis3


Avg. people notified for each diagnosis shared4


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  1. Based on a fully anonymous aggregate calculation by counting the total exposure notification checks on the GAEN key servers.
  2. Based on data publicly reported by the Bermuda Ministry of Health.
  3. Based on the random ID submissions received by the Google Apple Exposure Notification (GAEN) key servers when a diagnosis is shared anonymously.
  4. An approximate value. The GAEN protocol is private and there is no way to know who’s notified or how many notifications are received. However, the App allows people to opt-in to share anonymous events in aggregate to help calculate the subset of notifications received by opt-in users. This can be used to approximate how many people may have received notifications.

You can help protect Bermudians from Omicron

We made an impact with Delta, and we can do even better with Omicron. Continue to protect Bermudians in 2022 by following public health guidelines and by sharing WeHealth Bermuda App with friends and loved ones today.

People New Year 01

Together, we made a big difference with Delta

With 1 in 4 Bermudians using the WeHealth App, it is a key part of the solution in the fight against COVID-19.

Delta Wave Case Load in Bermuda - 02


Cases Averted


Cases Averted

1 in 4

Bermudians using
the app


Active Users

Bermuda-App-Lineup-2022 V2

The WeHealth Bermuda App

The official exposure notification app for Bermuda is customized in partnership with Bermuda’s Ministry of Health. With 60,000 residents and hundreds of thousands of annual visitors, you can help others stay safe on the island. Download the app today.

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“It’s really simple and easy to navigate, but also has a lot of information at your fingertips. It's all about being safe with this app.”

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“It took less than two minutes to share my positive diagnosis. I like that it was anonymous and it gave me a verification code, so that's awesome. I think people trust that part.”

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“It's very secure because everything is recorded and sent out as anonymous. Everything is amassed in one place and not tracked at the same time.”


Our Solution Platform

The WeHealth Bermuda App is one part of our state-of-the art solution to connect people with trustworthy, timely, and actionable notifications, resources, and recommendations from public health experts to reduce the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19.

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How does WeHealth Bermuda work for residents and visitors?


“When paired with manual contact tracing — and combined with other preventative measures, such as face coverings and social distancing — WeHealth Bermuda gives us all even greater protection from the coronavirus.”

A platform for public health built on trust.

Protect residents and visitors, and help your island nation stay open.

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