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Announcing Wehealth Free All-Hazards platform with Exposure Notification for all United States

Unlike other diseases, Covid-19 is unique where you may be contagious today but would only find out tomorrow. Exposure Notifications are the most efficient way to quickly let others know of their risk of being contagious, giving them the option to take steps to slow down further spread, if they want to. Even though the emergency phase of the pandemic is over, Covid-19 is still here and we continue to face the threat of new variants and seasonal outbreaks. 


Over time Wehealth has made deep investments in scaling up the operational aspects of managing the key server, verification server, and SMS services that underpin the availability of Google Apple Exposure Notifications. To help States that want to continue to provide Exposure Notifications to their residents, Wehealth is announcing free access for all states to the Key Server, Verification Server and Twilio SMS service as well as the Wehealth Notify app itself.

The app already has support for all 3,000+ counties and territories and it supports exposure notifications, as well as notifications for community level changes. It also can be used for hazards other than Covid-19 like influenza, heat, air quality etc.


States and counties can access their own portal for reporting and customizing the experience within their State here.