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Getting an AI avatar to pronounce correctly

The last few months of AI developments have significantly leveled up the worlds capacity to process information and create new content. A key aspect of Wehealth's platform is providing the right information to the right people at the right time. With these new capabilities we see an interesting opportunity to personalize and improve the effectiveness of how people interact with information our platform.

Trust is a core value of our platform and we strive to meet a very high bar on everything we do. Our research team was recently evaluating the delivery of personalized and engaging messaging using AI avatars. We found that what's possible is truly a big step forward. And yet there are some new quirks that we are not used to seeing in what has existed before. When the avatars look and behave in such a real way, their mistakes seem to feel more magnified.

So here are 5 different ways we tried to get the AI avatar to say "Covid-19" in the most natural way possible. Which one do you find the best?