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How to extend ENX with WeHealth in one week. Really!

Exposure notification apps are proven to be effective in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and are a critical component to a successful government response. While there are lots of options out there, WeHealth has an interoperable design that’s designed to boost the efficacy of ENX (the default offering from Google / Apple), while taking the administrative burden off of healthcare professionals and government officials.

In less than 3 minutes, we’ll show you how simple it is to get set up.

Find out how below.

Several states in the US have gone live with Exposure Notifications Express (ENX). This is a great start to get good adoption going. To further optimize the efforts, and to improve outcomes and efficacy, states can also add WeHealth to the rollout. The entire launch can be completed in just one week. Even better? WeHealth is completely turn-key and actually reduces the overhead of running ENX.


What is the Value?

  • You can deliver verification codes within minutes instead of hours /days. No need to wait for the results to be reported to the State. This is key to slowing down the spread.
  • States are large and complex, the needs of each community are different. You can deliver the right information to the right community
  • Public Health gets a dedicated implementation and customer support team to do all the heavy lifting for you
  • We work very closely with Public Health and we know how busy you are, we guarantee that switching to this will free up even more time for you
  • Evolve your response with the pace of the pandemic: vaccination and testing is what we need to get through the next 12 months


What is the User Experience?

On Android, WeHealth is just an app update to the existing ENX app. There is nothing new to install. Overnight, the app just updates to a deeper, richer experience.




On iOS, when someone installs WeHealth, ENX seamlessly extends into WeHealth's deeper, richer experience.



What is the Public Health Authority (PHA) experience?

We carry over all the risk thresholds and messaging from your current ENX setup. We add some best practice messaging to help improve efficacy. All the PHA has to do is review and approve it.



That's it. The dedicated implementation and customer success team takes care of everything else. You have other things to do, we have your back! The platform uses the same technology as ENX and uses the National Key Server from APHL and is fully interoperable.

If you want to go deeper, you can but you don’t have to. The switch is completely seamless. We can always come back to it to add more risk stratification, community-based messaging, vaccination info etc.