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Intern: Katie Esterline studies user hesitancy around EN technology



Katie's background is in Cognitive Psychology. She obtained her PhD from the University of Arizona where she researched sleep in infants and children and factors that impact learning in children. Since moving into user experience, she has worked on UX projects related to COVID-19 vaccine access. She is passionate about applying the skills she obtained through her experiences in psychological research in creative ways to solve important problems and create meaningful impact.

WeHealth Project Summary:

We wanted to explore privacy perceptions and hesitancy individuals encounter when using a smartphone app to fight COVID-19 in order to address and mitigate sources of privacy concerns or hesitancy users encounter. Our goals for the project were to:

  1. Explore users' perception of privacy - what does privacy mean to users and how do they feel about privacy as it relates to smartphone applications?
  2. What sources of hesitancy do users experience when using an exposure notification app and wherein the user experience does hesitancy come up?
This research involved initial secondary research and subsequent in-depth user interviews conducted via Zoom. User interviews centered on 4 themes: 1) COVID-19 related behaviors and perceptions, 2) Experience with Manual Contact Tracing, 3) General Privacy Concerns with Smartphone Applications, and 4) Specific Experience with Exposure Notification Technology. Affinity Mapping was used to derive key insights from the user interviews.

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