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Intern: Niti Patel explores design of Exposure Notifications for Flu



I'm a designer based in Palo Alto, California, focusing on end-to-end UX/UI design for software products. I'm passionate about improving the quality of people's lives through innovative design that is ethically grounded and humane. I am particularly motivated to craft designs that help organizations cultivate authentic communities.

As a designer, I love learning about new design tools, techniques, and research processes. In day-to-day work, I balance big-picture thinking with near-term implementation details. I enjoy working on products end to end, from ideation to development, working closely with my collaborators to find win-win solutions for all involved. I believe that when work feels like play, we all perform at our best. I like sharing my learnings with others through open communication and am always listening for feedback to improve.

WeHealth Project Summary:

WeHealth brings innovation, sustainability, and scale to digital health solutions through their research-based communication platform for public health. As a UX Research Intern at WeHealth, I undertook the project "Flu in the Workplace" to observe and understand participants' current behaviors, preferences, and motivations around the flu. This helped identify opportunities to inform the company's product design strategy.

I led and executed a UX research study that addressed research questions on the attitudes and behaviors of users. I planned and carried out competitors analysis, expert interviews, user interviews, and surveys to help understand users, their current needs, and pain points. Furthermore, I synthesized data to communicate the research findings needed to create personas and hypotheses effectively. I worked alongside the Head of Design, Victoria Skelly, at WeHealth.

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