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WeHealth Becomes an LFPH Founding Member

As of December 16, 2020, WeHealth upgraded its Linux Foundation Public Health (LFPH) membership and is now a Founding General Member. LFPH is a nonprofit that builds, secures, and sustains open source software, with a mission to improve global health. They work with Public Health Authorities (PHAs) around the world and their preferred IT vendors to use open source software to combat COVID-19 and future epidemics. Founded in the summer of 2020, the initial focus of LFPH has been helping PHAs deploy an app implementing the Google Apple Exposure Notification (GAEN) system. As the organization grows, they are moving into other areas of public health that can take advantage of innovation. LFPH holds true that everyone wins when there is collaboration and a sharing of knowledge. The focus is to make it easy to deploy these technologies faster. 
As a participating member of LF Public Health, WeHealth is part of a group of technology leaders and innovators working on privacy-protecting solutions that will help reopen the economy and get the pandemic under control. As a member, WeHealth now has access to a number of benefits including a governing board seat, marketing efforts, and demonstrated thought leadership with access to a broader community of those engaged in the public health technology ecosystem. 
WeHealth is on a mission to end the threat and burden of infectious diseases by protecting and empowering people and communities through safe, private, and anonymous exposure notification technology. We are a solution platform that partners with public health experts, governments, and communities to offer a leading-edge solution to connect people with trustworthy, timely, and actionable mobile notifications, resources, and recommendations to stop the spread of infectious diseases like COVID-19. We work with governments, hospitals, and universities using an outcomes-focused approach to collaborate on a mobile-first app for community members that amplifies public health efforts to reduce the burden and threat of infectious diseases.
WeHealth has developed smartphone apps that use the private and anonymous Google-Apple Exposure Notification (GAEN) protocol, with production API access for multiple jurisdictions in and outside of the U.S. Our team has been involved with exposure notifications right from the beginning. Several of our team members were co-founders of Covid Watch, a non-profit that did a lot of the early work in developing the first privacy-preserving protocol and working with the TCN coalition to help drive its adoption. Aspects of our early preprinted risk model later became part of GAEN 2.0. WeHealth was the first developer to get Google/Apple entitlement in the US. WeHealth members were also contributors to the RSSI symposium hosted by LFPH. We have been hosting and maintaining multi-tenant instances of the exposure notification for multiple jurisdictions. We also worked closely with MIT Lincoln Labs on a CDC funded study to evaluate the efficacy of EN as implemented by us.
WeHealth currently provides the GAEN app for the Government of Bermuda and the State of Arizona. We host our own servers which we mirror to APHL for full and transparent interoperability between Arizona and the rest of the US. We are also fully set up for international interoperability across all jurisdictions. Our competitive SLA is backed by a white glove customer success team with extensive technical and project management experience with our clients. WeHealth is committed to the success of Exposure Notifications globally and to the ongoing leadership of LFPH in this field. 

As part of our commitment to the success of this endeavor and to LFPH, WeHealth is glad to become a member of LFPH. “Given the spread of COVID-19, and the different responses we’ve seen from governments and communities around the world, we believe Linux Public Health Foundation’s mission will help create a more collaborative environment in which we can learn, assess, and all create stronger, innovative technologies that make an impact in protecting the world from more infectious diseases,” said Sameer Halai, CEO & Co-Founder, WeHealth.