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Wehealth's Post Exposure Survey Results for Jan 2023

News_2023-02 - Post Exposure Survey

Wehealth recently launched a targeted post exposure survey that goes out only to users who received an exposure notification. 

This survey helps understand compliance with exposure notification recommendations. The survey results from Jan 2023 demonstrate that a significant proportion of users are following the recommendations provided by the platform, with 84% of respondents following at least one recommendation and 36% following two or more. The survey also showed that over 8% of all people who received a notification completed the survey, indicating a high level of engagement with the platform.


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Wehealth's app is part of the nationwide system of Google Apple Exposure Notification alerts which does not collect any identifiable information, such as location or unique identifiers, safeguarding user privacy. In addition to providing personalized recommendations, the app also helps users to keep up with community levels and find local resources from trusted sources.