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WeHealth visits the Island of Bermuda

In November of 2020, WeHealth and Bermuda's Ministry of Health came together to launch the WeHealth Bermuda app to keep island residents safe and welcome back the hundreds of thousands of annual tourists that come to enjoy the beautiful island. Finally last month our organizations were able to meet in-person for the first time.

bermuda seal

The Bermuda Ministry of Health promotes accessible, affordable and effective health care services across the island and strives for an equitable and sustainable health system that protects the well-being of the island community. Throughout the pandemic, the Ministry has promoted the WeHealth Bermuda exposure notification app, which offers customized recommendations to island residents and of bermuda wehealth blogMap of the Island of Bermuda, home to approximately 60,000 residents.

ministry of health employee wehealthCarol Yazoglu, Contact Tracer at the Bermuda Ministry of Health

bermudaWeHealth CEO, Sameer Halai, his wife Jenna, and Ministry of Health Senior Manager of Digital Services, Martin Walsh at a restaurant in Bermuda

Image from iOS (1)Martin Walsh and Jeanna Gibbons with the Ministry of Health, along with Sameer Halai outside of the Ministry of Health building in Bermuda

Carol Yazoglu, Jeanna Gibbons, Martin Walsh, and countless others with the Ministry of Health have worked closely with the WeHealth team to customize messaging and improve efficacy of the WeHealth Bermuda App on the island. 72% of recent survey respondents through the app believe that the app is effective in reducing the spread of infection in their community. To date, nearly 31,000 people (approximately 48% of the local population) have downloaded it to their mobile devices.

Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 3.33.57 PMAlexander McD White, Privacy Commissioner for Bermuda, Martin Walsh, and Sameer Halai meet for drinks

Another highlight of our trip was the opportunity to finally meet Alexander McD White, the Privacy Commissioner for Bermuda, who has been a huge supporter of the WeHealth Bermuda app. He delivered an extensive report last year applauding our privacy measures and encouraging residents to download the app. We are applying for the commissioner's Privacy Innovation and Knowledge-sharing (or, "Pink") Sandbox to allow us to engage with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner directly going forward on issues of privacy protection.

Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 3.48.41 PM
Leon Thomas and Allan Wayne Smith of the Economic Development team, along with Sameer Halai, meet to discuss the WeHealth Bermuda app.

We also had a great discussion with Leon Thomas and Allan Wayne Smith of the Economic Development team about how Bermuda can be a leader in the technology space and help grow innovation and economic opportunity on the island. We hope to collaborate more closely with the department going forward to help build more local job opportunities for Bermudians and inspire industry leaders to move to the area.

Image from iOS Sameer Halai and his wife Jenna at sunset in Bermuda

It's hard to leave behind Bermuda's welcoming community and scenic beaches, but we'll be back soon!