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Wehealth Notify will continue to provide Exposure Notifications after the National Key Server shuts down

Several states in the US use a combination of EN Express, a National Key Server and a National Verification Server to provide Exposure Notifications to everyone. All of these are scheduled to be turned off on May 11, 2023.

Though Wehealth Notify has 100% interoperability with the system in all other states, it doesn't depend on any of these components. This means that even after May 11, 2023 Wehealth Notify will continue to work without any interruption.

The following infographic explains how the system is set up. You can see that removing NKS doesn't impact Wehealth Notify in any way. In fact, any jurisdiction that wants to keep their system running can simply connect to the Wehealth servers directly and even they can continue uninterrupted. There is no reason to shut down ENs just because the NKS server is being shut down. Here are instructions on how to formally enable Wehealth in any state.

Understanding ENX vs Wehealth

Our Q1 survey results show, users continue to have very high engagement with the app and that the notifications are reaching the people who need it the most. 70% of people who received a notification in the last 3 months report being of age 50 or higher and 37% of people report being at risk of severe disease and/or a have a weakened immune system. Read More.

News_2023-04 - Post Exposure Survey Q1

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The app is not mandatory, and allows people to directly help each other, if they want to. It is fully anonymous, does not require any login, and it can not access any location or personal information. It's one of the easiest ways for everyone to do their part to help keep their community safe. In addition to providing personalized recommendations, the app also helps users to keep up with community levels and find local resources from trusted sources.