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Here's how WeHealth offers customized community-level EN app messaging

As pioneers of pandemic response technology, we have a strong commitment to innovation and making our digital health tools relevant and effective for all users. That’s why we have made our EN app available with customizable messaging for specific communities. So far, this has been implemented for county-level health departments, tribal communities, universities, and travelers. This allows users to receive more specific advice from their local community about testing sites, vaccine clinics and other COVID-19 related content. 

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Exposure notification apps can rapidly and privately notify individuals after they are exposed to someone who recently tested positive for SARS-CoV-2, so that they can take appropriate precautions to stop the spread of the virus. The recommended actions to take after notification of exposure to COVID-19 will often depend on the current availability of public health resources in a given jurisdiction. For example, sending app users to a link with COVID-19 testing locations in their immediate area, rather than a state-level resource improves the user experience and decreases barriers to finding quick and simple access to information.

Rather than providing the same recommendations across the board for an entire state or country, defining exposure notification parameters for local communities within a jurisdiction has several advantages, including real-time responsiveness to resource availability and maximizing compliance with public health guidelines. We’ve found that by reflecting these differences in the app, it also improves efficacy since users have a more personalized experience.

Through the WeHealth portal, public health departments are also able to see reporting at a local level, giving contact tracers more relevant and specific information to their jurisdictions. The efficacy of exposure notification apps improves when there is a high adoption rate in a specific geographic area, and customized messaging helps support this effort. Offering the capability to share dynamic quarantine guidelines and localized community resources is one of the key ways that WeHealth leverages technology to deliver best practices.